Instructional Design Consulting, Online learning System Development, and Web Based Training Software professionally programmed by the custom software developers at Open Sky Software

Open Sky Software is a custom software development and software consulting company whose custom software developers provide instructional design consulting, e-learning content development and custom web based training system including online lesson plans, computer based training courses and web based interactive learning activities. The custom software developers at Open Sky Software specialize in instructional user interface design, page flow, software architecture, network security, and database optimization for a wide range of learning programs, training systems, computer based training, and custom instructional systems. sitemap

Instructional Design Consulting

Interactive Web-Based Instructional Programs

Open Sky is a professional software engineering firm that provides highly customized instructional programs with features such as on-line access, course management, integrated audio & video, exams, activities, assessments, and interactive tools. We have experience in every aspect - including user interface, security, database management, evaluation, and monitoring.

Content Analysis & Design

  • Learning Objectives
  • Sequencing & Modules
  • Calibration & Pre-Testing
  • Assessments & Scoring
  • System & Monitoring

Learning Activities

  • On-line Tutorials
  • Audio & Video
  • Interactive Tools
  • Examples/Solutions
  • Dynamic Assignments & Exams
  • Games & Simulations
  • Study Materials

Our Instructional Design & Development Resources

Our full-time staff includes PhD, MS, and BS Degree specialists in engineering, science, and business administration - as well as creative design & support personnel. Our state-of-the-art facilities include on-shore programming centers in two US time zones tied to high-availability datacenters with integrated security and quality assurance. Additional highlights include:

Open Sky Software Custom Online Educational Software Resources

Open Sky is a full-service consulting firm with experience in a variety of industries, including work flow automation, financial transactions, multimedia, education, manufacturing automation, hardware & control systems, technical engineering, and more. The firm has primary facilities located in the talent-rich, silicon hills of Austin & Dallas, Texas as well as the high-desert, technical community in beautiful Bend, Oregon.