With over eighteen years of custom web application development and mobile application development, the custom software developers at Open Sky Software are highly experienced in custom software development, software programming, software consulting and software engineering

Open Sky Software is a software development company specializing in custom web application development, mobile application development, custom software development and software consulting for commercial software applications, government software applications, and non-profit software applications; custom software development has included educational software, commission software, grant management software and web-based inventory management software. Open Sky Software professional software engineering services include open source application development, java programming, C programming, C++ programming, database development, database consulting, control systems, hardware systems, automation systems, and Linux datacenter consulting. sitemap

Our Portfolio

Reliable World Class Solutions

From design to deployment, Open Sky transforms difficult tasks into real-world solutions. Our portfolio includes small and large-scale projects requiring dynamic user interfaces with rich functionality for demanding customers - including large corporations, venture groups, government, non-profit, and small to mid-sized businesses.

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"Experience is the teacher of all things."

Julius Caesar

Open Sky, celebrating eighteen years of success.


Web-Based Business Management System

  • Customers in 22 states
  • Over $40 million in payrolls processed
  • Over 150,000 invoices & checks processed
  • Integrated state & federal tax reporting
  • Multiple user system w/roles & permissions
  • Secure, database driven architecture
  • Based in Austin, TX

Web-Based Human Anatomy Learning Center

  • Interactive web 2.0 controls & widgets
  • Simple interfaces for students
  • High performance application
  • Over 5000 exam questions
  • Over 5000 flashcards
  • Interactive graphics & audio
  • Based in Hattiesburg, MS
Risk Centric Security®

SAAS Tools & Training for Quantitative Risk Analysis

  • Analytics toolbox of calculators
  • BetaPERT calculator
  • Monte Carlo Simulator
  • High Speed Iteration
  • Based in Dallas, TX
Applied Practice Online

AP Curriculum Test Preparation

  • Nationwide Test Preparation 6-12th
  • Multiple standardized test formats
  • Admin, teacher, & student roles
  • Custom homework assignments
  • Classroom scores & online gradebook
  • Based in Dallas, TX

Web-Based Secure Electronic Document Delivery

  • Nationwide B2B and B2C web application
  • Stores digital assets for up to seven years
  • Simple sign-up subscription service
  • High performance application
  • Full product life-cycle support
  • Based in Las Vegas, NV

Web-Based Proposal Submission System

  • Over 3000 proposals processed worldwide
  • Over 600 research institutions
  • Over 4500 registered Astronomers
  • Multiple research cycles/year
  • Technical data validation
  • Full life cycle support
  • Facilities in
    Socorro, NM
    Green Bank, WV
    Charlottesville, VA
    Santiago, Chile

Web-Based Technician Management & Dispatch System

  • Distributed client-server system
  • Web-based administrative server
  • Store & forward thick client application
  • USB data acquisition system
  • Hardware and software API's
  • Secure, database driven architecture
  • Based in San Diego, CA
Audiology Patient Tracker

Desktop Medical Records & Patient Tracker

  • Desktop client application
  • Processes audiograms
  • Patient history & logging
  • 1000's of exams
  • Integrated database
  • Reporting & exporting
  • Based in Phoenix, AZ
VeyeTech Engine

H.264 & MPEG4 Video Compression Engine

  • Hybrid video compression algorithm
  • Integrated w/commercial applications
  • High performance web service
  • 20% lower bit rates
  • Patented technology
  • Based in Trondheim, Norway

Web-Based Sales Presentation & Training System

  • Web-based educational tool
  • Simple interfaces for salesmen
  • Secure & proprietary
  • Interactive graphics & audio
  • Based in Los Angeles, CA
Fast Freight

Mobile Android Location Tracking Application

  • GPS data tracker
  • Integrated barcode scanner
  • Homescreen widget
  • Store & forward synchronization
  • Integrated error tracking
  • Based in Seatle, WA

iPhone & Android Discount Reminder

  • GPS discount locator
  • Real-time discount alerts
  • Custom reminders
  • Track and report savings
  • Based in St. Petersburg, FL

Mobile Newspaper Route Management

  • Robust mobile linux device
  • Embedded software applications
  • Distributed client & server components
  • High reliability system
  • Full life-cycle support
  • Based in Houston, TX
Mobile Electronic Pillbox

NIH Research SBIR

  • High-tech medication pillbox
  • Wireless communication (3G/Edge/Bluetooth)
  • Android, iphone, & blackberry interfaces
  • Adherence measuring & reporting
  • High reliability system
  • Research & practical applications
  • Based in San Francisco, CA
Web-Based VPN Appliance

Open Source Remote Access System

  • Turn-key hardware appliance
  • Client-server application
  • Simple Linux-based appliance
  • $25K/year savings on licensing
  • Based in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada
Coordinate Metrology Application

Labview Automation

  • Quality assurance test bench
  • Labview control VI's
  • High throughput
  • Back-end database
  • Data archive & reporting
  • Based in Sallisaw, OK

Other Development Projects

Database Reporting

Client:ESHA Research, Inc.
Location:Salem, OR
Type:Web-Based Nutrition

Content Management

Client:The Trust For Public Land
Location:San Francisco, CA
Type:Non-Profit Conservancy

Research & Lab Automation

Client:Private Client
Location:Denver, CO
Type:Labview System

Web Services Architecture

Client:Private Client
Location:Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Type:Business Application

High Performance Financial

Client:Private Client
Location:Seattle, WA
Type:FIX Engine

Datacenter Support

Client:Private Client
Location:Lincoln, NE
Type:File Transfer System

Device Management System

Client:Private Client
Location:Minneapolis, MN
Type:C++ Client Server

Open Source Migration

Client:Private Client
Location:Green Bay, WI
Type:Linux Migration

On-line Photo Studio

Client:Private Client
Location:Middlefield, CT
Type:e-Commerce System

Design Specification

Client:Private Client
Location:Charlottesville, VA

Server Farm Support

Client:Private Client
Location:Miami, FL
Type:Mobile Marketing

Web-Based Reporting

Client:Supply Chain Solutions
Location:Monroe, LA
Type:Freight & Shipping

Electronics Monitoring

Client:Private Client
Location:Dallas, TX
Type:Data Acquisition

Image Processing

Client:Satake, USA
Location:Houston, TX
Type:Labview System

Energy Calculator

Client:Private Client
Location:Cleveland, OH
Type:Energy Conservation

Secure Communications

Client:Private Client
Location:Washington, D.C.

LIM System

Client:Private Client
Location:West End, NC
Type:Lab System

Market Research

Client:Private Client
Location:Cincinnati, OH