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Open Sky Software specializes in custom software development for business, government, and non-profits. We have been designing and building custom applications for over twenty years. From design to deployment, Open Sky's approach transforms difficult tasks into real-world solutions.

Software Lifecycle Management

Our Custom Software Development Features

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Interesting Facts About Open Sky Software

24 Years
In Business

12 Products
In Commercial Production

100+ Projects
Completed Successfully

5 Locations
In Two US Time Zones

2 Physicists
PhD Founders

2 Datacenters
Featuring High Availability

Certainty of Success

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Your Integrated Software Insurance Plan

Eight out of twelve software projects fail. And they fail catastrophically! That means you lose everything. Throw it away. Start over. Trust Open Sky and don't take risks by hiring the wrong team. Open Sky offers you peace of mind in the form of:

FREEDOM Through Software Engineering Best Practices Featuring Open Source

CONTROL Through A Professional Onshore & In-House Development Team

EXPERIENCE That Only Years of Successful Project Delivery Can Provide


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Drug Adherence

Patient Regimen Tracking

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Mobile Alerts

Emergency Paging System



Medical Records Tracking

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Technician Management System

video camera


Video Compression Engine



Freight Tracking & Delivery

vpn appliance


VPN Appliance

My Med Monitor

Patient Medication Regimen Tracking

  • Clinic web portal
  • Patient web portal
  • Drug regimen setup
  • Adherence measuring & reporting
  • Integrates with e-pillboxes
  • HIPPA compliant
screenshots of web-based medication regimen tracking software application


Paging App for Mobile Alerts

  • Fast incidence response
  • Mobile phone notifications
  • Group hunting & paging
  • REST integration interfaces
  • IOT compatible
  • Secure architecture
  • Full life cycle support
visit screenshot of pagem mobile alerting system

Audiology Patient Tracker 

Medical Records & Patient History

  • Desktop client application
  • Records & process audiograms
  • Patient history & logging
  • 1000's of exams
  • Integrated database
  • Reporting & exporting
screenshots of audiology software application


HVAC Technician Management System

  • Distributed client-server system
  • Web-based administrative server
  • Store & forward thick client application
  • USB data acquisition system
  • Hardware and software API's
  • Secure database architecture
screenshots of web based technician management software


H264 & MPEG4 Video Compression Engine

  • Hybrid video compression algorithm
  • Integrated w/commercial applications
  • High performance web service
  • 20% lower bit rates
  • Patented technology
screenshot of custom video compression software

Fast Freight 

Freight Tracking & Delivery

  • GPS data tracker
  • Integrated barcode scanner
  • Store & forward synchronization
  • Integrated error tracking
  • Homescreen widget
screenshots of mobile freight tracking software application

VPN Applicance 

Remote Access System for Schools

  • Turn-key hardware appliance
  • Client-server application
  • Simple Linux-based appliance
  • $25K/year savings on licensing
  • Full life cycle support
vpn appliance used within a school system

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If winning isn't everything, why do they keep score?
—Vince Lombardi Open Sky, keeping score since 2000.
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Celebrating 24 Years of Successful Custom Software Applications

Open Sky Software is a custom software development firm with experience in a variety of programming languages and industries, including finance, accounting, education, medical, workflow automation, technical engineering, and more. The firm has software developers located in the silicon hills of Austin, Texas - the big city of Dallas, Texas - the high desert of Bend, Oregon - the emerald city of Seattle, Washington - and the windy city of Chicago, Illinois.

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