Instructional Design Consulting  Featuring Interactive Web Based e-Learning Software Development Techniques

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Open Sky Software provides highly customized instructional programs with features such as registration, course management, integrated audio & video, exams, activities, assessments, and interactive tools for web based training and e-Learning software development. We have experience in every aspect!

Software Lifecycle Management

Our Instructional Design Consulting Features

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Learning Objectives

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Sequencing & Modules

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Calibration & Pre-Testing

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Interactive e-Learning Software Development Tools & Techniques

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Assessments & Scoring

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Interesting Facts About Open Sky Software

24 Years
In Business

12 Products
In Commercial Production

100+ Projects
Completed Successfully

5 Locations
In Two US Time Zones

2 Physicists
PhD Founders

2 Datacenters
Featuring High Availability

Certainty of Success

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Your Integrated Software Insurance Plan

Eight out of twelve software projects fail. And they fail catastrophically! That means you lose everything. Throw it away. Start over. Trust Open Sky and don't take risks by hiring the wrong team. Open Sky offers you peace of mind in the form of:

FREEDOM Through Software Engineering Best Practices Featuring Open Source

CONTROL Through A Professional Onshore & In-House Development Team

EXPERIENCE That Only Years of Successful Project Delivery Can Provide

If winning isn't everything, why do they keep score?
—Vince Lombardi Open Sky, keeping score since 2000.
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Celebrating 24 Years of Successful Instructional Design Consulting

Open Sky Software is a full-service software development firm with experience in a variety of industries, including research, education, medical, and more. The firm has software developers located in the silicon hills of Austin, Texas - the big city of Dallas, Texas - the high desert of Bend, Oregon - the emerald city of Seattle, Washington - and the windy city of Chicago, Illinois.

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